Vero Lakes Water Control District

General Information

a. The full legal name of the district is: Vero Lakes Water Control District.

b. Purpose of the District.The District was created to manage the water within the boundaries of the district and to coordinate drainage and water control with government and private interests in north Indian River County,Florida.

c.Boundaries of the District.The District is located entirely in north Indian River County, Florida.In general the District is bisected by 1-95 with portions of the District lying both East and West of I-95.The entire District is located south of SR 512. A map of the District is referenced as a part of this website to better locate the boundaries of the District.
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d.Services of the District. At the present time, the property within the District is unimproved,so most District effort relating to water management is focused that only appropriate discharge occurs from the District and that adequate maintenance is provided for improvements handling water water within the District.

By Yinan Chen ( (gallery, image)) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

e-h.Authority for creation. The District operates under the authority of Florida Statutes,Chapter 298. The District was originally established as Vero Lakes Drainage by Decree of Incorporation of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Indian River County Florida, dated June 17,1965, and recorded in Official Record Book 214,Pages 447-449 of the Public Records of Indian River County.
A copy of the Decree is included by reference.

Contact information:
Registered Address of District and Registered Agent:
Vero Lakes Water Control District
2145 15 th Avenue
Vero Beach, Florida 32960-3435
Registered Agent:
Mr. Chester Clem
2145 15th Avenue
Vero Beach, Florida ,32960-3435
Telephone of District in Vero Beach and of Registered Agent: 772-978-7676

Information regarding each governing board member:
1. Chester Clem 3 year term, 2145 15th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida, 32960-3435,
2. James A. Goggins 2 year term, 1401 79th street cswy, Miami, FL 33141,
3. Rodney Bacher 3 year term, 1401 79th street cswy, Miami, FL 33141,

Revenue Information: The revenue of the District is based on a per acre charge. The amount per acre is determined each year after the budget is established. The per acre amount to be assessed is furnished annually to the Indian River County Property Tax Collector for inclusion in that agency's tax bill. The per acre for the 2017-2018 fiscal year is $0.79 based upon a budget of $5,000.

General Financial: The fiscal year of the District is October 1 to September 30. The Board of Supervisors establishes the budget amount at its annual meeting each year.A legal advertisement informing of the annual meeting is published in a newspaper of general circulation in Indian River County before the meeting.It is made clear that even though the name of the District contains the words "Vero Lakes" the District does not include the subdivision referenced as Vero Lakes Estates. The budget of the District can be found on the District's website or by request to the District. Notices from the District are limited due to the limited number of owners with real property within the, District boundaries. Click here to view the district's annual financial report.

Ethics: The District has not adopted a formal Code of Ethics and reference is made to the Florida Commission on Ethics website at for further information on laws relating to ethics of public agencies in Florida.

The District has no formal retirement system.